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Sulit Hamil karena Endometriosis

Sriwijaya Post: SRIPOKU.COM - Sulit hamil karena endometriosis banyak dialami pasangan. “Endometriosis adalah salah satu penyakit yang sedang 'tren' dan terbanyak dialami di bidang ginekologi,” ungkap dr. M. S. Nadir Chan SpOG(K), pada workshop “Advance ...


Author and Mentor Ania G. Urges Women With Endometriosis to Remain Positive with Her Upcoming Book 'Alone in the Crowd'

Ania G., Endometriosis advocate and author of the upcoming book, ‘Alone in the Crowd: Living Well with Endometriosis,’ brings a fresh perspective to this often painful condition. (PRWeb August 19, 2014) Read the full story at

The Practical Activist

On a freezing day in March, Linda Griffith, a biological engineer at MIT, joined thousands of women in a march on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to raise awareness about endometriosis. In that disease, tissue from the uterine lining grows ...

The truth about “gluten snobs”

Salon: Arielle Hernandez-Lavadenz, who suffers from endometriosis, chose to eliminate gluten from her diet after undergoing laparoscopy procedure to remove endometrial “adhesions” in an effort to maintain the estrogen balance in her system. All of these women ...

Women can do headstands whenever they want. Period.

The last thing I want to do during my period is stand on my head. So if a yoga teacher says to skip inversions like headstand, handstand, or shoulderstand if I'm "on my cycle," I usually listen, happy for the excuse to spend a few extra minutes lying motionless on the floor. But after nearly 10 years of yoga classes, and countless instructors …

Toward Tx for Interstitial Cystitis

A search for biomarkers is aimed at improving treatment of the painful bladder condition called interstitial cystitis (IC). Scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem North Carolina are taking advantage of technology that can analyze tissue samples and measure the activity of thousands of genes at once.

'Girls should be taught all about endometriosis in school so they know that it

Irish Independent: However, a European study found that morbidly obese women were at least risk of endometriosis. A woman who had been classed as morbidly obese at age 18 was found to be 41pc less likely to develop the condition than a woman with a low BMI.

Susan Sarandon Is Now A Grandmother, Once Told She Could Never Bear Children

At 67 years old, veteran actress Susan Sarandon has become a grandmother for the first time. Sarandon’s daughter gave birth on August 9 to a baby girl named Marlowe Mae, who weighed 6 lb., 11 oz. when she was born. …




Lung Cancer




Electronic Cigarettes



Endometriosis symptoms aren't in one's head

Quad City Times: But add in one more thing: Women with endometriosis often have infertility issues. And hold onto your hat. There's more: The most effective treatments for this are usually a set of drugs that block estrogen. Block estrogen and you block a woman's ...

Mama Never Said There’d Be Days Like This

Remember that “birds and bees” conversation you had with your mom? Well, there are a few things she may have left out. Which is why women of all ages often find themselves asking, “Why didn’t my mama say there’d be days like this?” Thankfully, they can turn to Dr.


There's No Reason to Skip Headstands During Your Period

The Slatest: Endometriosis is a condition in which cells resembling those in your uterine lining (the stuff you shed during your period) start growing outside your uterus, creating lesions that often lead to excruciating pain and sometimes even infertility ...

Search for biomarkers aimed at improving treatment of painful bladder condition

Taking advantage of technology that can analyze tissue samples and measure the activity of thousands of genes at once, scientists are on a mission to better understand and treat interstitial cystitis (IC), a painful and difficult-to-diagnose bladder condition. IC is also known as bladder pain syndrome. Symptoms can include severe pelvic pain, urinary urgency and frequency and painful sexual ...


Estiman que una de cada cinco mujeres padece endometriosis

“En la endometriosis, el tejido endometrial que se encuentra fuera del útero reacciona al estímulo hormonal que sucede mes a mes, pudiendo generar adherencias en otros órganos que pueden provocar dolores, sangrados irregulares e incluso problemas ...


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